TAXI TONDR Harrachov


TAXI Harrachov for 1-8 passengers since 1994.


Do you need to get from A to B in Harrachov, in the western Krkonoše, in the Czech Republic, in Europe? Then you are at the right place. We have been in business since 1994 offering you a transport in comfortable minibuses for 1-8 people with enough luggage space to easily handle suitcases, skis, baby carriages or wheelchairs.


Call 00420 602 353578, for a reservation send an SMS or email us at


We operate daily from 8:00-20:00, after prior reservation also outside these working hours.


The price of the fare 0-4km 200Kč 1-4pers, 300Kč 5-8pers. Starting rate Harrachov 80 CZK. Fares: 1-4 persons 30 CZK/km, 5-8 persons 50 CZK/km.


Our cars are not only spacious and comfortable, but also pleasant. They provide warmth in winter, and cool you in summer. The vehicles we use are VW CARAVELLE, the model with extended rear providing enough space for your luggage. The vehicles are equipped with independent heating, 3 zone air-conditioning and four-wheel drive. This ensures comfort and safety even in poor weather conditions.